Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How can I sign up on the MPL app?
    • You can signup by downloading the app from and registering via phone number. A numeric OTP (One time Password) will be sent to your phone number for verification before signup.
  2. I am not getting the OTP on my phone. What should I do?
    • You can try clicking on the ‘Resend OTP’ button and wait for a minute to get the OTP. If you are still unable to get the OTP, you can send an email to [email protected] and we’ll try to revert to you as soon as possible
  3. Why do I need to agree to the terms of service, fairplay policy and privacy policy to sign up?
    • A new user must agree/abide to the terms and conditions, fairplay policy and privacy policy laid down by MPL. These lay down the boundaries, rules and conditions within which a user can play and earn money on MPL, and enable a safe and pleasant experience for our players.
  4. I am under 18 years of age. Am I allowed to play cash games on MPL?
    1. No, only players who are more than 18 years of age are allowed to play on MPL in line with local regulations.
  5. Do I receive any signup rewards after registering on the MPL app?
    • Yes, you will receive MPL coins after signing up, which can be used to play games on the app
  6. Can I withdraw the MPL coins I receive after signing up or while playing on MPL?
    • No. MPL coins can only be used as entry fees in specific games and contests, and cannot be withdrawn


  1. I have a referral code for the MPL Pro app. Where/how do I redeem it?
    • If you have downloaded the app via a referral link, the referral code will automatically be applied. If not, then you can enter the referral code during signup by clicking on ‘Apply Referral / Promo code’.
  2. How can I refer a friend to the MPL app?
    • You can refer a friend by visiting the ‘Refer and Earn’ section and sharing a referral link on whatsapp / instagram / telegram or any other messaging / email app
  3. What are the rewards that my friend and I would receive after my friend signs up with my referral code?
    • If your friend signs up successfully on the MPL app using your referral code, both of you receive NGN 50. Additionally, if you friend makes a deposit on the app, both of you receive 25% of the first deposit amount (upto a maximum reward of NGN 250)
  4. What is a referral leaderboard?
    • A referrer leaderboard shows the rank of players in the order of maximum number of successful referrals brought to the app in that week. Players at the top positions on the referral leaderboard get extra cash rewards
  5. What is a super referrer offer?
    • The super referrer offer is a limited period offer where you can earn extra rewards on reaching specific referral milestones while the offer is active
  6. What is the maximum number of friends I can refer?
    • There is no upper limit for how many friends you can refer to MPL.
  7. Does this weekly referral limit also apply to the referral leaderboard and super referrer offer?
    • This limit does not apply for participating in the referral leaderboard and super referrer offer. If you rank at the top positions on the referral leaderboard, or reach your milestones for the super referrer offer you will still receive the extra rewards based on your rank / milestone. The per referral reward, however, will be limited to 5 referrals in a week

Payments – Deposit

  1. What is MPL coins, deposit cash and winning cash?
    • MPL coins is an in-app currency that you can earn as signup bonus or by completing specific tasks. It can be used as entry fee in some cash contests and cannot be withdrawn
    • Deposit cash is the money added to your MPL wallet (in Naira) from your bank account, which can be used to play all cash contests. It cannot be withdrawn
    • Winnings cash is the actual cash earned on the app by playing games, and can be withdrawn anytime into your bank account
  2. How can I deposit money on MPL to play cash games?
    • You can add money to your MPL account by going to your wallet, clicking on ‘Add cash’ and selecting / entering the amount you wish to add
  3. Which payment methods can I use to deposit money on MPL?
    • We currently support four payment methods – bank transfer, Chipper wallet, credit/debit cards and Paypal
  4. Where can I find a cashback coupon or deposit offers?
    • You can find any active cashback offers by visiting the ‘Offers’ section in your wallet
  5. How can I apply a cashback coupon?
    • You can redeem a cashback coupon on the add cash page by either selecting an available coupon or entering a valid coupon code in the relevant textbox
  6. Where will I get the cashback?
    • The cashback, if any, will be credited to your MPL wallet in the form of deposit cash or MPL coins depending on the offer construct
  7. Where can I check if I received my cashback?
    • You can check this by going through the ‘Transaction history’ section in your wallet
  8. I cannot find my preferred mode of payment. What should I do?
    • We have included many payment modes to deposit money to your MPL account. If your bank or preferred payment method is missing from the list, please let us know by going to the MPL helpdesk in the app
  9. Money from my account has been debited but not credited into my MPL wallet. What should I
    • There may have been a technical issue at your bank end due to which this happened. If we receive the money from your bank we will credit it to your MPL account within 48 hours. If we do not receive the money the same will be refunded to your bank account by your bank in 7-10 working days. If it is still not credited, please reach out to the MPL helpdesk with your transaction UTR number to check the status of the transaction

Payments – Withdrawals

  1. How can I withdraw money from my MPL wallet?
    • If you have winnings cash in your MPL wallet, you can withdraw it by going to your Wallet page and clicking on ‘Withdraw’. The withdrawn amount will be credited into your bank account once you have linked your bank account on MPL to withdraw money
  2. Which payment methods can I use to deposit money on MPL?
    • We currently only support bank transfer for withdrawals, and will add more methods later on
  3. How can I check the status of my withdrawal?
    • The status of the transaction will be communicated to you as soon as you have completed the withdrawal transaction on MPL. Additionally, you can check the status of each withdrawal in the ‘Transaction History’ section in the Wallet Page.
  4. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw from my MPL wallet?
    • The minimum limit for a withdrawal transaction is 100 NGN, and the maximum limit is 15,000 NGN. Additionally, in total you can withdraw upto 25,000 NGN from your MPL account in a day.
  5. What happens to my money if there is an error during withdrawal?
    • If withdrawal has not been completed, your MPL wallet balance will remain unchanged. For any additional support with your withdrawal, you can reach out to the MPL helpdesk from the app


  1. What are battles? How are they different from tournaments?
    • Battles and tournaments are two different formats to play a game.
      • A battle is a one time gameplay against a real opponent. You can enter a battle by paying the entry fee, after which we find an opponent with similar skill as you, and you get the match result and winnings immediately after playing the game. A battle can be played against one opponent or multiple opponents
      • A tournament is a contest with multiple participants. The entry fee is deducted once, post which you can play as many games as possible to rank on the contest leaderboard. The top ranked players on the leaderboard win cash rewards (as per the rules defined in the tournament) after the tournament ends
  2. How do I participate in a battle?
    • Find a battle room as per your liking under the game of your choice. Each battle room has an entry fee per battle. Pay to play once. Amount gets deducted each time you start a new battle.
  3. Who will I get as an opponent?
    • You will be matched with another MPL user playing in the same battle room and we employ algorithms to match players with your skill level; hence, increasing your chances to win.
  4. What happens to my entry fee if I don’t get matched with an opponent?
    • Your fee is not deducted from your MPL account till an opponent has been found
  5. What happens if I leave after an opponent has been matched with me?
    • If either you or your opponent leaves before the game starts, your fee will be refunded. This generally takes less than 5 minutes. However, in some cases it might take up to 24 hours
  6. What happens if I get disconnected or exit while playing the game?
    • We try to reconnect you. At the end of 10 seconds, if you are not back, your game will end. You might win or lose based on your last recorded score.
  7. What happens if I minimize the app while playing the game?
    • Your game will end. You might win or lose based on your last recorded score.
  8. When do I get my winnings into my MPL account?
    • You will get the winnings in your MPL account as soon as the battle has ended.

Contact Support

If you are facing any issues with the MPL app, we’re here to help you out. Your query might already be answered in our FAQ sections above.

If not, you can also reach out to customer support from MPL Helpdesk ([email protected]) or connect to an MPL executive via In-App chat and have your queries resolved.


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